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    Rancho La Orquidea's principal business is the production of a wide variety of plants: herbs, perennials, annuals, tropicals, orchids, and native plants of the southeastern United States. The company has been in business since 1996; however, the owners had a tropical plant nursery in Venezuela since 1991.

    The company's office and production facility are located in Garcon Point in Milton, Florida. The facility was built for the company in 1996 with a total of 13,680 square feet. The greenhouse was equipped with the latest state of the art equipment.

    The owners who actively participate in sales are bilingual: Spanish and English. This facilitates the purchasing and ordering processes, as well as the marketing of plants to local and distant customers. In addition, the name "Rancho La Orquidea" (meaning "the orchid ranch") reflects their interest in maintaining the Spanish influence.