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     July's Web Specials

Creeping Tibouchina        10 inch Hanging Baskets         $3.00 each                                                                     (3 pink blooms, drought and heat tolerant, perennial)


Red Fountain Grass          1 Gallon Pot                           $1.50 each                                                                 (Blooming, drought and heat tolerant)    (Pennisetum setaceum)


Lemon Grass                     1 Gallon Pot (2-4' Tall)          $1.50 each                                                                   (Great for tea and cooking, drought and heat tolerant)  (Cymbopagan citratus)


Red Honeysuckle              1 Gallon Pot                           $1.50 each                                                                    (Native to Southeast US, attracts hummingbirds and butterflies)  (Lonicera sempervirens)


Blackgum                         1 Gallon Pot  (to 40 inches)   $1.50                                                                               (Great fall colors, wetland plant native to Florida)  (Nyssa sylvatica)


Texas Star                         1 Gallon Pot (4-6' Tall)         $1.50                                                                              (Heat tolerant, 6 inch red flower)       (Hibiscus coccineecus)